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8C: ATP y fosforilación oxidativa - Biología

Learning Objectivesexplain reasons for the strongly exergonic hydrolysis of carboxylic acid anhydrides, phosphoric acid anhydrides, mixed anhydrides, and analogous structures and give approximate values for the ΔG0 of hydrolysis of them;identify from Lewis structures molecules whose hydrolytic cleavage are strongly exergonic;explain how the exergonic cleavage of phophoanhydride bonds in ATP can be coupled to the endergonic synthesis of macromolecules like proteins;draw mechanisms to show how oxidation and phosphorylation reactions are coupled in anaerobic metabolism through the productions of a mixed anhydride catalyzed by the glycolytic enzyme glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase;explain how arsenate can double oxidation and phosphorlyation reactions in glycolysisexplain how NAD+ can be regenerated from NADH in anaeroboic condition to allow glycolysis to continue;explain the general flow of electrons from NADH to dioxgen through a series of mobile and membrane protein bound electron acceptors in electron transport in the mitochondria inner member.
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